Why Choose Us

WHY CHOOSE Silhavy Creek Family Dental?

Affordable Dentistry for YOUR entire Family

We know dentistry isn’t the least expensive cost in your life, even though it is a necessity. However, Dental treatment is always the least expensive when it is taken care of at the time of diagnosis. We’ve found that putting off dental care will only cost you more down the road and has led to some disastrous dental experiences for our patients. These experiences could have easily been avoided if they came in and received even minimal care. Our recommendations have your best interest and wallet in mind.

We are preferred providers for the area’s largest insurance providers. Using an “in-network” provider saves you time and money. We will accept all insurance, but are “in-network” with: Medicaid, Delta Dental, United Concordia, Anthem, MetLife, Cigna and Guardian.

We also have a payment plan available through our partner, Care Credit. Care Credit allows you to make payments over time for dental work you have done now. There are many payment options available including several interest free plans with Care Credit.

Ask us how these great benefits can help you afford the treatment you need.


Guilt-FREE Dental Office
Studies have shown that the #1 reason people put off their dental care has nothing to do with fear or pain, but has to do with the guilt of putting off the dentist. People keep putting it off, because they are afraid to get lectured by the doctor and staff. At Silhavy Creek Family Dental, we promise not to lecture you or make you feel guilty. We simply give you the information you need to make the dental care decisions that are best for you.

Practically Pain Free Dental Care
At Silhavy Creek Family Dental, we do everything possible to make your dental visit as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We want you to feel confident in our care and comfortable in our chair. In our office we strive to make anxiety about visiting the Dentist a thing of the past. We do this by offering multiple Conscious Sedation Options. Ask us how you can snooze through your dental appointment.

We also offer personal touches to make your Dental experience more relaxing. How would you like a warm comfy blanket, a relaxing neck pillow or headphones to help you feel more at home in our office? Just ask, your comfort is important to us!

Raising Cavity Free Kids 
We strive to save you money and improve your child’s dental health. We specialize in educating both children and adults on the ways to prevent decay and create a lasting and healthy smile, no matter your age. Our office has a “No-Cavity Club” in which every month we feature healthy smiles of the youth in our offices. We provide fluoride treatments and sealants; we also encourage good brushing habits, flossing regularly, and a healthy diet. This ensures that our young patients have a healthy smile from youth!

Immediate Emergency Service
Dental emergencies happen. As your dentist, we commit to taking care of you regardless time of day or week it is.